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Most gamers would agree, a good keyboard and mouse make a big difference into how you play videos games. The same can be said about the gaming headset or pair of ears you choose to game with. Many people choose to spend quite a lot on their keyboards and mice, but decide to stick to the earphones that come with their phones, computer or laptop speakers or just completely don’t use a headset. After picking up a decent, budget headset, you’d be amazed to find how much of a difference it makes to you gaming experience.

Like any other gaming peripheral, choosing a good headset ultimately comes down to personal preference, as some headsets may appeal to specific people more than they do to others. As always, our 3 pillars for what makes a good product are:

  • Aesthetics 
  • Ergonomics
  • Performance

Personal preference is going to reign supreme, when deciding whether a keyboard is right for you, suits your needs and is in your price range, but these are our top picks of the best budget gaming gaming headsets.


HyperX Cloud Pro – Overall Pick

The HyperX Cloud Pro (which we’ll refer to as the HyperX), is currently one of the best sets of headsets you can buy if you’re running on a budget. This headset packs a lot of features, great sound quality and overall a high quality package at its price. Features of the HyperX Cloud Pro include:

  • Durable Aluminum Frame
    The HyperX Cloud headset is constructed with a high quality aluminum frame that is durable, feels sturdy in the hands is sure to last you a long time. This headset although cheap, is built like a premium headset
  • Detachable, High Quality Microphone
    The detachable microphone included with this headset, sounds fairly good, and is convenient and easy to detach and attach. This allows you to use the headset both for gaming, and for other things
  • Multi-platform Compatibility
    Another feature that makes the HyperX Cloud Pro a good headset, is that you can use them with either a PC, Xbox One and PS4. Meaning whichever platform you decide to play on you can take your headphones with you.
  • TeamSpeak and Discord Certified
    Whatever software you choose to used to communicate, you can be guaranteed that the HyperX Cloud Pro will support it. It is TeamSpeak and Discord certified and will also work with virtually all voice applications

The design of the HyperX​ Cloud Pro is exactly what we’ve come to know and love from HyperX. True to HyperX this headset is fairly large but very comfortable. It features a padded headrest, and large ear cups which make this headset comfortable enough for long playtime or periods of use. In the box, it comes with a soft pouch, VOIP mic adapter, the detachable boom mic and of course the headset itself. HyperX has really paid attention to detail, including all the accessories you’ll really need with the headset, and making the unboxing experience overall a pleasure. It cannot be stressed enough how well this headset is build, as it features a premium build quality of leather and aluminum, which ensures this headset feels sturdy and most importantly very premium.

This headset sounds great and so does the mic. The 53 mm drives delivers impressive sound for the price point and they truly immerse you in game. What’s especially surprising is how HyperX managed to fit premium features, impressive sound quality and a good microphone all into a package that’s under $80 USD. The mic included with this headset is not the best, but it is more than good enough for voice chat and performs significantly better than other headsets at a similar price point. That said if you’re looking for an all-around fantastic headset that won’t blow a hole in your wallet the HyperX Cloud Pro may be the best deal you can get. They are packed with many features, look and feel very premium, and with a retail price under $80 you will not be disappointed. The reviews speak for themselves, take a look on Amazon.

Buy Now – Amazon (US, UK, Canada)


Logitech Prodigy G233​ – A Cheaper Option

The Logitech G233 is Logitech’s most recent install into the budget gaming headset market. Coming in at around $50 USD​, the Logitech G233 is an option to seriously consider if you’re on a tighter budget. The Logitech Prodigy G233 features:

  • Logitech Pro-G Audio Drivers
    The Logitech G233 features Logitech ‘Pro-G Hybrid Mesh Technology’ to deliver booming bass and precise highs. This headset is designed not just around gaming, but also music and video playback.
  • Extremely Lightweight, Breathable Design
    The Logitech G233 is designed with comfort design. The lightweight design with breathable mesh although not the most premium design, is comfortable enough for long use periods and is aesthetic
  • Detachable, Pop-Filtered Boom Mic
    The boom mic on the Logitech G233 is detachable, meaning you can take them anywhere, and also pop-filtered to minimize background noise while using this headset in game.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility
    The Logitech G233 is compatible with PC, Xbox-One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Mobile, which means this truly versatile headset can be used with any device you have provided it includes a headphone jack

The Logitech G233​ is currently their best budget headset out right. In-line with all the other products in their prodigy series, the G233​ delivers great performance at an affordable price. Right of the bat although not built with the most premium materials, the prodigy still feels very comfortable and sturdy. The breathable mesh is very soft, and not too hard on the ears, meaning these headphones will easily and comfortably last you through even the longest marathons. The G233 features a detachable mic, and a minimal design that doesn’t scream gamer. What this means is that you can use this headset even when you’re not gaming and it still looks good.

The ‘prodigy’ as the name implies is an excellent performer in an and out of games. The Logitech G233 delivers great sound at an affordable price. The sound is immersive enough for gaming, music sounds great through these and you can pretty much use these headphones for most of your media consumption. The mic included is also great and you won’t go wrong with this headset as a whole. Although this headset does not feature 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound, it still is great quality and value for money when gaming. Overall if you want a solid headset for gaming, while you’re on a tighter budget, the Logitech Prodigy G233, is a fantastic headset that won’t break the bank.

Buy Now – Amazon (US, UK, Canada)


Razer Kraken Pro V2​ – A Predator Awakens

Although notorious for their expensive products and accessories, Razer does a fantastic job at delivering a solid headset at an affordable price point. If the Logitech G233 and HyperX Cloud Pro don’t appeal to or aren’t for you the Razer Kraken Pro V2​ maybe for you. The Kraken V2 Features:

  • 50 mm Custom Drivers
    The large Razer drivers featured on this headset is what makes it able to get the very deep bass and rich audio that this headset provides. The Razer Kraken is clearly a performance driven headset.
  • Unibody Aluminum Frame
    The unibody aluminum frame on the Razer Kraken Pro V2, makes this headset look and feel absolutely amazing. Not only does this headset look great, it also feels like a very premium product.
  • Large, Interchangeable Ear Cushions
    The Kraken features large, interchangeable cushions which due to their size offer noise isolation. The Razer Kraken offers the option between round or oval ear cushions although the oval cushions are sold separately.
  • Unidirectional Retractable Mic
    The Razer Kraken features a uni-directional, retractable mouse, which unlike the other headsets on this list, can simply be pushed in or pulled out of the mouse, when in and out of use.


A Razer headset is an unexpected addition to the list as Razer products are usually on the higher end of pricing in their respective categories. The Kraken headset with it’s aluminum, all black build is truly a premium headset with a budget price tag. The ear cups on the Razer Kraken are large, soft and very comfortable for long periods of use and the headset is very comfortable for long periods of use. The headrest on this headset is made with a combination of leather and soft touch material, which like the ear cups, is designed to be comfortable for long periods of usage and play. The mic on this headset is retractable unlike all the other headsets on this list, which may be more convenient depending on your personal preferences.

The sound quality of the Razer Kraken​ is on par with the sound quality of other headphones on this list. It offers large drivers with punchy deep base, and a sound stage designed around immersion and quality when playing. This headset also sounds fairly good for media consumption as well such as music and movies. The mic on the Razer Kraken is unidirectional, which means it will minimize background noise, while putting the focus on your voice. In the end, if you want a balance between a budget headset, which performs well and is also a very premium product, you should seriously consider the Razer Kraken. Read more about it in the link below.

Buy Now – Amazon (US, UK, Canada)​



While the headsets on this list are very good headsets, and are more than enough for both gaming and media consumption, keep in mind that if you increase your budget you will be able to get better quality headsets. That being said all the headsets on this list are fantastic headsets to consider if you’re on a budget. Ultimate each perform very well, and are each also very comfortable, so ultimately it will come down to personal preference which headset you end up deciding on purchasing. If you have a bit more to spend on a great headset be sure to check out the HyperX Pro Cloud here​, if you’re on a tighter budget but still want a solid headset take a lot at the Logitech Prodigy G233 here​, or if you want an all around very aesthetic headset, that looks and feels very premium, take a look at the Razer Kraken V2 here.

Thank you for reading our top picks of the best budget gaming headsets. If you want a budget gaming mouse to go with your headset click here, or if you want a budget gaming keyboard to go with your headset click here. Feel free to leave any questions or thoughts down below in the comments.

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  1. Hi there! I am a gamer and I need to buy a good headset for an affordable price. I am currently using apple headphones (Yes, my situation is that bad) when gaming. In your personal opinion what do you think the best headset is that is not too expensive.
    Thank you!

    1. The Razer Kraken V2 would be my best recommendation for the best cheap gaming headset. It looks and sounds good and best of all it doesn’t look obnoxious or too ‘gamey’ to walk around with outside. That said all of the other headsets on this list are great headsets that you won’t go wrong with.

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