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When looking for good headsets, it sometimes takes a while to come by good pairs of headsets that are also affordable. The good news is that nowadays, cheap headsets are getting good; and good headsets are getting cheap. These are our top picks of the best gaming headsets under 50.

As with all our lists our products are chosen based on our 3 pillars of tech:

  • Aesthetics
  • Ergonomics
  • Performance

Which of these is most important is completely up to you, but those are our 3 pillars, of what makes something worth your purchase.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

The HyperX Cloud Stingers, are universally crowned as the best gaming headset under 50 by most tech experts, and this is with good reason. They contain a solid feature set, good build, and low price which makes them overall a fantastic by. The HyperX Cloud Stinger feature:

  • Adjustable Steel Slider
    The solid steel slider built into the HyperX Cloud Stinger allows for long-lasting durability and ensures that the headphones fit comfortably, and tightly to your head.
  • 50mm Directional Drivers
    The 50mm drivers included by HyperX, are designed to reduce travel distance between the headset and you, and offer a high quality sound for all your games. The Stinger also features 90 rotating ear cups, and a volume slider
  • Lightweight Design
    Weighing in at a measly 275 grams, this headset is light and comfortable enough to use for long periods of time. It doesn’t have too much of a clamping force on your head, making it even more comfortable for long use times
  • Noise Canceling, Swivel to Mute Microphone
    The in built microphone instantly mutes when flipped vertically, and the Stinger’s built-in passive noise cancellation reduces background noise, allowing for much clearer voice quality. It is however, not detachable

HyperX have done an excellent job with the design of the Cloud Stingers. It offers a sleek, matte-black design, with a textured finish. Although the majority of headset is plastic, it’s a solid ABS plastic which feels and durable for long term use. The ear cups are made from a soft memory foam, which coupled with the leather headset is relatively comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The microphone is attached to the left ear cup, which although not detachable can be flipped up to be muted. The right ear cup also features the volume slider, which is relatively tactile and easy to press

Overall Performance
The Cloud Stingers do not just look good, they also sound good as well. Although you obviously can’t expect them to match significantly more expensive headsets, their offer a fairly complete sound stage which performs well in virtually all games. They also sound fairly good for music and you’ll have no problem using them for other media consumption. Overall the HyperX Cloud Stinger, is a very complete headset which is significantly cheaper than most flagship headsets. The rich feature set that this headset brings is what makes it our top pick for the best gaming headset under 50. Take a look for yourself on the Amazon link here or below.

Amazon (US, UK, Canada)


Logitech G430

The Logitech G430, is one of Logitech’s few installments in the headsets under 50. Although not the flashiest, or feature packed headset, the Logitech G430 is designed to include the essentials and it includes them well. The Logitech G430 features:

  • Surround Sound Audio
    The Logitech G430 comes with Dolby and DTS Design X, unlike the Etekcity H7PX+ below, it has full digital surround which truly immerses you in game. It is noticeably better than digital surround sound.
  • Sport Performance Ear Cups
    The G430’s ear cups are covered with a sports-performance cloth which are soft to the touch and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The ear-cups can also be removed and machine washed
  • Perfomance Design
    The Logitech G430 weighs in at 255 grams, which is around 20 grams less than the HyperX Cloud Stinger. Coupled with the ‘Sports Performance Ear-cups’ and overall ergonomic design, this headset can easily be used for hours on end
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility
    The G430 headset is compatible with PS4, Windows and Xbox (with microphone adapter), and they sound great on all platforms. This means you can use one headset for all your gaming needs.

The G430 features an apealing black and blue design, which unlike other headsets, blends into most setups. The ear cups and headrests are made of a soft touch breathable material. The microphone on the Logitech G430 although not removable, folds in for convenience. The cable on this headset is a braided cable, and it features in line controls. Because of the extremely comfortable for even long periods of usage. The headset like most of Logitech’s other peripherals is designed with simplicity and minimalism in mind meaning it looks good and is designed with functionality in mind.

Overall Performance
This headset is no slouch in performance either, offering full 7.1 surround sound at a budget price tag. With less than $50, you can get a great sounding headset, with full 7.1 surround sound. Another great thing about the Logitech G430 is the microphone included, it’s a relatively high quality microphone that sounds good with all voice apps like Skype, Discord and PS4 party chat. I cannot stress enough how comfortable this headset is. The ear-cups are very soft and padded, and the weight (or lack thereof) of the headset means after a few minutes you can virtually forget you have it on. Overall for under $50 the Logitech G430 is an absolutely phenomenal headset, which boasts a fairly rich feature set. Take a look for yourself below.

Amazon (US UK, Canada)

Etekcity H7PX+ Gaming Headset

The Etekcity H7PX+ are barely a downgrade for the HyperX Cloud Stinger, as they also an almost identical feature set at almost 33% less. The Etekcity H7PX+ is another complete headset which won’t break the break. This headset features:

  • Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound
    The H7PX+ includes virtual 7.1 Surround Sound and passive noise cancellation, which at it’s price-point makes it one of the most both immersive and impressive experience for gaming. (Not Dolby but virtual surround sound)
  • Comfortable Over-Ear Design
    The ear cups of the Etekcity H7PX+ are designed to be lightweight and ergonomic. The memory foam, made with soft and durable materials, is designed to stay comfortable for long periods of usage or game time
  • Sound Personalisation
    One feature that sets the Etekcity H7PX+ apart from other headsets on this list, is the profile customisable EQ. Although this may not be the best implementation, it definitely sets this headset apart from other headsets here
  • Inline Controls
    Although not really an additional feature, since this headset does not feature volume adjustuability, inline controls are there. They’re easy to press, feature solid switches and are fairly high quality for the price

The Etekcity H7PX+ feature a fairly unconventional design by today’s standards. Unlike the previous headsets, the H7PX+ does not have a sleek design. The headband is segmented into two individual parts, the headrest, and then the two bands connecting each ear cup. The ear pads are made of a soft, memory foam and have a hard plastic shell, with a mesh padding that allows the Etekcity Scroll logo to shine through. The majority of the headset is made from the same ABS plastic, but even though it’s made of plastic, it still feels sturdy and durable.

Overall Performance
The Etekcity H7PX+ have acceptable sound for their price. They’re by no means the best sounding headset on the market but believe when I tell you, for what you’re paying the sound quality will blow you away. This headset is also pretty comfortable for long periods of use, but extra padding could’ve improved the experience. Although the Amazon Listing here, says their not compatible with any consoles, they seem to be compatible with the PS4 and also maybe the Xbox One. Overall for the price you’re getting a headset that sounds great both in and out o games. I personally highly recommend this headset to anyone on a budget, and you can read the Amazon reviews on the listing here.

Amazon (US, UK, Canada)


It’s interesting that nowadays you can find solid headsets, even with a very low budget. This list details what our top picks of the best headsets under 50 are, and we think at least one of these headsets is rue to suit your needs. If you want an all around fantastic headset take a look at the HyperX Cloud Stinger here, if you want a headset that’s comfortable enough to wear for hours on end take a look at the Logitech G430If you’re looking for a headset that sounds phenomenal but you’re on an extremely tight budget look at the Etekcity H7PX+.

If you’re also looking for a budget keyboard take a look at our article here on the best budget gaming keyboards here, and if you’re looking for a mouse instead take a look at our article here on the best gaming mouse under 50.

Don’t hesitate to leave any questions in the comment below!

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