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A good gaming keyboard is an integral part of any gamers arsenal, but these days the best types of keyboards don’t come cheap. Although the high-end mechanical keyboards come at quite a cost, there are still a quite a few options which come at an affordable specifically under $100. This list is our top picks, of the best gaming keyboard under 100.

Although when looking for peripherals it is important to pick what’s in you price-range, with gaming keyboards you essentially get exactly what you pay for. The higher end keyboards are going to cost quite a lot more and as with anything, expanding your price-range with keyboards will almost always get you a better keyboard. That said, at 100 you can basically get a high quality keyboard, packed with flagship features.


Corsair Strafe – Best Overall Choice

Once again Corsair takes top spot on one of our many lists of the best gaming keyboards with the Corsair Strafe. For under $100, the Corsair Strafe is our top pick of the best gaming keyboards you can buy. The Corsair Strafe features:

  • Cherry MX Switches The Corsair Strafe features authentic Cherry MX switches of your choice. Depending on personal preference you can either purchase the Corsair Strafe with MX Brown, Blue, Red, or Silent switches
  • Fully Programmable Any key on the Corsair Strafe can be programmed or customized. If you’re a macro power-user who loves to assign macros, or simply want to make frequently used shortcuts easier, this keyboard may be the one for you
  • USB Pass-through This keyboard features USB Pass-through, and although it’s only USB 2.0, you can route your mouse, headset or any other USB device through this keyboard, which is both useful and convenient.

The Corsair Strafe gaming keyboard is another solid and relatively cheap option from Corsair. This keyboard is designed with a hard ABS plastic, which is sturdy, solid, and resistant to bends, and a design reminisce of most other Corsair keyboards. It’s a minimal black and red design, which is visually appealing but may not suit all room, or desk themes. The top right of the keyboard features windows lock, and brightness controls, but unlike other Corsair keyboards doesn’t feature media or volume controls. The LEDs on this keyboard are red and cannot be customizable, the RGB version of this keyboard can be found here but for almost $30 extra, the value is fairly arguable.

This keyboard performs exactly as you would expect from any great mechanical keyboard. Corsair Strafe itself and the feet are very stable, and the Cherry MX Switches, depending on which you chose, are still the bet brand of switches on keyboards. The key caps used by Corsair for this keyboard are very comfortable to type with and the Corsair Strafe features textured WASD or QERDF keys specifically for MOBAs, FPS games or virtually any other game. Corsair Strafe performs exceptionally in game, and there’s not much to be said as you get exactly what you expect. Overall the Corsair Strafe is our top pick for best gaming keyboard under $100, as it’s an authentic mechanical gaming keyboard, which is a high quality product, and plays consistently across all games. For 79.99, this is a great keyboard but what may bother, is the lack of RGB switches.



Logitech G810

The Logitech G810 is another solid keyboard from Logitech. Featuring Logitech’s Romer-G switches, the Logitech G810 is one of Logitech’s new keyboards under 100. The Logitech G810 features:

  • Logitech’s ‘Performance Driven Design’ One amazing thing about the Logitech G810, is its design. This keyboard is built with simplicity and performance in mind. This keyboard features an all black design that looks and feels amazing
  • Romer-G Key caps Love them or hate them, the Logitech G810 features Romer-G switches which we think are fairly solid switches. This version of the Romer-G keyboard is a welcome improvement to the switches to the Logitech G910
  • Easy Access Media Controls The Logitech G810 features a complete set of media controls to the top right of the keyboard, which include a volume wheel, play, pause, mute and music controls, which are responsive and tactile.

The Logitech G810 is a simple, but great mechanical keyboard. This keyboard features a minimal black design with white only back-lighting. The simplicity of this keyboard means it can easily blend into, and compliment the design of any setup. The media controls featured on the Logitech G810, are like the rest of the keyboard simple, but functional. Although the Logitech G810 does not feature dedicated macro buttons, the G810 allows you to map the function keys to any function you need essentially negating the use of dedicated macro keys. The G810 also has RGB lighting which you can customize till you hearts content.

The G810 isn’t just designed to impress, but it’s also designed for performance. The Romer-G switches included on the G810 are fairly good switches, but as many people have said they feel like a ‘mushier’ version of the Cherry MX Brown switches. Although personally I did not mind the switches, you really have to experience them for yourself to get a feel of exactly what I’m talking about. If Cherry MX Switches are a necessity consider the Logitech G610 linked here, in which the only differences between that and the G810, is white LEDs, it even comes in at $84.99 if you decide to go with the Cherry MX Red. Overall the G810 is a fantastic keyboard, which plays extremely well for both typing and gaming, and ultimately you decision will like come down to the switches.


Thermaltake eSports Poseidon Z

Thermaltake is well renowned for their but, but high quality products and the Thermaltake eSports Poseidon Z is no different. This keyboard features:

  • Solid Build Quality
    The Poseidon Z, although a fairly cheap keyboard is build with a strong, hard and sturdy plastic. This keyboard does not bend too easily, and does not feel flimsy unlike other keyboards at this price-point
  • Minimalist Design
    Thermaltake, like Logitech, designed this keyboard as a simple, black and minimal keyboard which will fit into virtually any desktop setup. Coupled with its sturdy build, this keyboard both looks and feels great
  • RGB Backlighting
    Whether you go with the Cherry or Kailh switches determines if you get the blue or red back-lighting, but either way this keyboard features good back-lighting. It might not be the best, but it’s good and works well

The Thermaltake eSports Poseidon Z is our idea of a no-frills and no compromises keyboard. This keyboard features a simple black design, with RGB back-lighting that is virtually guaranteed to fit into any desk setup. What also makes this keyboard great, is just how sturdy the keyboard is. It’s made with a hard plastic all around and the feet on the bottom of the keyboard make it very grippy. Thermaltake even included rubber feet in the elevated mode of the keyboard. The top right of this keyboard, features a ‘gaming mode’ button, which disables the windows key, and this keyboard also features customizable function keys, just like the Logitech G810.

This keyboard, as expected, plays very well. How the keys feel will heavily depend on whether you chose the Kailh switches, or the Cherry MX Switches, but in our experience, both of these switches are good choice. The Poseidon Z plays well in game, and feels good while typing, and the key-caps are a pleasure to use. What’s good about this keyboard is that it offers 4 options below $100. You have the option between the Kailh Blue and Brown switches, with blue back-lighting; the Cherry MX Blue and Brown switches with red back-lighting; or you can pick the RGB version which only has Kailh switches. Either way you’re getting a solid keyboard for under $100. Overall the TT eSports Poseidon Z is a pleasure to type, and a keyboard you won’t regret buying.



Unlike what most people expect, it is now not as difficult as once thought, to get a solid keyboard that won’t break the bank. The Corsair Strafe,Logitech G810 and Poseidon Z are all solid options when it comes to gaming keyboards that perform well, while still allowing you to stick to you budget. When deciding on a gaming keyboard to purchase no matter what price point, personal preference should always reign supreme. Chose a good keyboard, that meets ad exceeds all you need and you should have something that could last you a few years. That is why the Corsair Strafe, Logitech G810 and Thermaltake eSports Poseidon Z are at the top of our list, of the best gaming keyboards under 100.

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