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Currently, a big factor to performance in most current games are the accessories used by the player, specifically their mouse. After all, as a player you are only going to be as effective as the equipment you are using. With a bountiful 2017 in terms of new gaming mice releases, there are numerous options for gaming mice available on the market. This begs the question – What’s The Best Gaming Mouse?

Choosing a gaming mouse that is right for you, is a choice based on 3 very important factors.

• Aesthetics

• Ergonomics

• Performance

Which of these is most important is dependent on the user but overall performing well in these 3 categories with the lease compromises is what constitutes a good mouse.


Logitech G903 – Overall Pick

When it comes to a mouse that has all the bells and whistles, virtually any feature you may ever need on a gaming mouse, without any compromises the Logitech G903 has it all.

Features include

  • LightSpeed™ Wireless
    Say goodbye to wireless connection issues as Logitech claims to offer a test 1ms response time. This gaming mouse might just be the bridge between wired and wireless offering no latency in response time between both options which is truly impressive.
  • Cutting Edge Optical Sensor
    The PMW3366 sensor is widely regarded as the most accurate sensor featuring 2-12000 DPI for even the most competitive gamers. This sensor has stood the test of time as it was the same sensor used in the G502 which during its time was regarded as one of if not the best gaming mouse released.
  • Logitech PowerPlay™
    Logitech PowerPLay allows the G903 to be charged tirelessly through their PowerPlay Wireless Charging System (sold separately), eliminating the need for batteries, charging and cords overall. This feature is one of the main reasons as to what makes the Logitech G903 a great mouse as it allows for an almost truly wireless experience.
  • 11 Customisable Buttons & RGB
    The G903 features 11 customizable buttons allowing you to key map each button to whichever action you wish. Through the use of Logitech Gaming Software, you can key map individual buttons to perform different tasks in different applications making this mouse truly multi-purpose. Logitech offers 16.8 million colors RGB for this mouse which means it can be customizable to suit any color scheme for each user. Do note that the customizable zones are just the logo and DPI light


The G903 performs excellently in every game that we played with it. The wireless connection has no latency or connection issues, and we could not find a difference between playing with it wirelessly, or using the Logitech G502 which is another one of Logitech’s mice with the same sensor. Logitech’s ambidextrous design of the mouse was very comfortable for use with both hands, and the inclusion of customizable buttons make it just a touch more personalized to suit my preference.

Logitech’s Gaming Software may truly be the best software for customizing your gaming peripherals period. It offers an intuitive design making for easy customization of the DPI, lighting colors, buttons key-maps e.t.c. The software allows you to make application specific macros for the mouse, which is very useful for when you want to use different key-maps for different games. This also makes the mouse a worthy office performance, as you can map each button to a different function for applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Premiere Pro.

It is more than easy to see why the Logitech G903 is the top pick for current being the current best gaming mouse as it offers a complete set of features for its price. Other features of the G903 include wired and wireless play, reliable pivot button and switch design, and power efficiency optimization. Overall the G903 while being expensive at $124.99 USD, it offers all the features you would ever need from a gaming mouse. It’s no compromise design, re programmable buttons and reliable wireless connection make this mouse a weapon for even the most serious gamer.

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Runner Up – Corsair Glaive

The Corsair Glaive is a compelling runner-up with a multitude of features. Although not wireless it offers a rich feature-set, which may appeal to those looking towards a cheaper alternative

Features Include

  • Phenomenal Optical Sensor The Corsair Glaive features a 16 000 DPI, with DPI adjustments allowing you to fine tune to 1 DPI
  • Customisable/Interchangeable thumb grips The thumb grips on the Corsair Glaive can be changed and customized to suit your own preference and significantly change the feel of the mouse
  • More RGB Customizability Compared to the Logitech G903, the Corsair Glaive offers significantly more color customization zones, with 3 customisable dynamic lighting zone

When looking for a cheaper option, the Corsair Glaive is compelling as it offers an almost complete feature set at a fraction of the price. The Glaive is a very reliable performer both in games and during daily tasks. As of software, Corsair offers their Cue 2 Gaming Software, which is where the majority of the customization will occur. It offers similar functionality with the Logitech variant of the software, but lacks the ability to set per-application macros. It offers an intuitive UI, which is easy to use and makes the customization process a lot easier.

Overall, the Corsair Glaive is a compelling choice for a gaming mouse at its price. It contains all the vital features needed in a gaming mouse such customizable buttons, an accurate sensor and customization options, at the fraction of the price of more expensive mice. If you want a reliable mouse for both gaming and productivity, without breaking the bank, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option.

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Honorable Mentions

SteelSeries Sensei 310

The SteelSeries Sensei 310 is a reliable, accurate, no-frills gaming mouse. The Sensei 310 only has the fundamental parts of a great gaming mouse but it does them really well. The Sensei 310, offers a world-class TrueMove310 sensor, which offers extremely accurate tracking which is undoubtedly one of the best mouse sensors currently on the market. This sensor offers customisable DPI up to 12 000, and a 1ms polling rate.

The Sensei also offers a basic ambidextrous design which is comfortable enough for use with both hands and textured thumb grips for comfort. Depending on the size of your hands however, you may find it difficult to reach the buttons adjacent to your last finger, depending on the orientation with which you use the mouse.

Overall, if you are looking for an affordable, no-frills gaming mouse, which does not compromise on comfort and performance, the SteelSeries Sensei 310 is a purchase you won’t regret making.

Buy Now – Amazon (US, UK, Canada)



Nowadays, it is very easy to find a gaming mouse that suits your needs, budget and play style. Most mice come with great feature-sets, that make each mouse unique. The G903 is hands down the best and gaming mouse currently out, and may the one of the best mice ever released. That said, it comes with a somewhat hefty price-tag which may be out of your budget. This is what makes the Corsair Glaive and SteelSeries Sensei 310 compelling choices, as they are also fantastic mice, but at a fraction of the cost. Overall, whichever mouse you decide, you will not be disappointed with any of the mice on this least as they are all great performers.

If you’re looking for cheaper gaming mice, take a look at our article on the best gaming mice under 50 here, or if you’re looking for a keyboard to go along with your mouse look at our article on the best gaming keyboards here.

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  1. I am not a gamer but my friends are.
    I call them crazy coz they spend a lot money to upgrade their hardware to have better performance. I have tried the keyboard is damn good.
    I not sure what kind of mouse they are using but i will introduce your review to them since they are not listening my advised now i give them better one, so evil it is Lol!

  2. I have been looking for a good mouse to buy for a while now along with a keyboard. This helped me choose a good quality mouse that I will be able to use for a while, and your other page helped me choose a good keyboard. Thank you for all the help!

    1. When choosing a mouse, be sure to be thorough in deciding on a mouse. You ideally want a mouse that will last you at least a couple years. Thanks and I really hope that helps!

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